Charles W. Mulford has co-authored three books and is presently writing a fourth. Each work was the result of collaboration with Eugene E. Comiskey, the Callaway Professor of Accounting in the College of Management at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Creative Cash Flow Reporting and Analysis: Uncovering Sustainable Financial Performance, which is in process, provides a guide for adjusting cash flows to remove misreported and misleading amounts.

The Financial Numbers Game: Detecting Creative Accounting Practices helps readers of financial statements avoid being misled by reported earnings that have been altered with aggressive or fraudulent accounting practices.

Guide to Financial Reporting and Analysis, published in 2000, provides clarity and guidance to help analysts navigate the maze of modern-day financial reports and enhance their ability to use financial statements effectively in formulating knowledgeable recommendations for action.

Financial Warnings, published in 1996, identifies the financial characteristics of firms that typically precede special charges and restatements, helping the informed financial statement reader anticipate their occurrence and their accompanying negative earnings surprise.

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