MGT 6028/4028

College of Management
Georgia Institute of Technology

MGT 6028/4028 Financial Analysis of Technology Firms

Financial Reporting and Analysis of Technology Firms focuses on financial reporting and analysis issues facing firms from a broad range of industries whose common bond is research and development of new technology, including the application of technology to new or enhanced products and services. The course is presented in three interrelated parts, each part seeks to fulfill one of three overall course objectives. Part 1 clarifies the accounting and reporting standards that are particularly troublesome for technology firms. Part 2 is devoted to cash flow analysis. In Part 3 attention turns to identifying financial warnings, available in the financial statements and notes, that can be useful in anticipating future declines in corporate earnings and cash flow.

MGT 6028/4028 Syllabus

Here are links to the three spreadsheets. The first, 3Co Analysis is a simple spreadsheet for analyzing 3 companies. A second spreadsheet, 6Co Analysis is a bit more sophisticated and designed to analyze six companies as an industry. Finally, Co Analysis is a spreadsheet designed to perform an in-depth analysis of a single company.

3Co Analysis Spreadsheet

6Co Analysis Spreadsheet

Co Analysis Spreadsheet

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